study with benjamin righetti

Organist concertist and church musician, I'm also professor in charge of an organ class at the Conservatory and Lausanne's University of Music (HEMU). As I had the privilege to study with exceptional musicians during my own musical education (Yves Rechsteiner, Jean-François Antonioli, François Delor, Jean Boyer, Jan Willem Jansen, Michel Bouvard, Philippe Lefèbvre...), it seems to me essential to pass on my knowledge and passion to my students now.

If you're interested in an organ study program or if you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to contact me. You can also inquire directly at the Conservatory or Lausanne's University of Music (HEMU). And for the occasional masterclasses, consult the agenda page of this site, which references both concerts and these activities!

  • 2017, Bachelor of Arts : Arthur Nicolas-Nauche
  • 2016, Bachelor of Arts : Kathrin Bratschi
  • 2016, Bachelor of Arts : Elie Jolliet
  • 2012, Master of Arts in Music Performance : Giovanna Emanuela Fornari
  • 2012, Master of Arts in Music Performance : Oleksandra Kopan